About Us

Discussion on software development can be an endless affair. It is a subject that is more or less at the centre of the computing world and environment. Its importance can be better understood if you stop to ponder for a moment on a possible world-without-software scenario. Everything would grind to a halt – businesses, industries, plants and factories, trains and aeroplanes, hotels and utilities and everything else that can possibly be within thought’s range.

Under such circumstances and in this vast sector it is not possible for the common man to keep a tab on the regular innovations ruling software development. What is needed is one credible and authoritative source and site that goes behind the scenes and brings to its readers news, views, information and trivia from the world of software development.

In a giant step in that direction, our team at blog spot otug.org has set out to do just that – keeping visitors to our site updated on the latest advancements in the field of software development. Our site is dedicated exclusively to this niche and to make our mission a success we invite contributors from professional bloggers with knowledge in this field and those having hands-on experience in software development.

No blog sent to us will be redundant; our only requirement is that it should be relevant to our niche. For the guidance of those who would like to write in but do not know where to start, here are a few suggestions from our team at otug.org.

The first point is obviously the methodology of software development and the steps taken from conceptualisation of the software to its final implementation and deployment. Writers on this point can elaborate on market research carried out, devising the basics, coding, testing and implementation and finally maintenance and bug fixing.

Writers can also write in detail for the benefit of our readers about the importance of software development and who are the real beneficiaries. For example, the three broad categories are meeting specific business needs of an organisation including mobile apps, development of “open-source” software and meeting requirements of an individual. This is largely a grey area and designers and developers with experience in this area can explain things in detail to our readers.

These are just a few pointers and not all inclusive suggestions. What is important is that you write in to us authoritative blogs on software development so that others can also gain from your knowledge and expertise.