Importance of Embedded Software Development

In our day to day life, we use many electronic and electrical units which are designed using embedded technology. However, many of us may not know what this technology is and what does it do. So, first let us get our basics clear.  An embedded system is an electronic system that integrates the hardware circuit with software programming techniques for providing project solutions. It can be an independent system or can be a part of a large system and by using this technology the complexity of circuits can be reduced to a great extent which further reduces cost and size.

Working of the embedded system

Embedded system includes a single chip microcontroller or microprocessor-based systems such as ARM, Cortex, FPGAs, ASICs and DSPs which is designed to perform a specific task according to a fixed set of rules, program or plan. It has software embedded into a hardware which makes a system dedicated for an application(s) or a specific part of an application or product or a part of larger system. Embedded systems are found in almost all the devices we use such as cell phones, calculators, washing machines, portable video games, printers, scanners, home security systems, lighting systems, anti-lock brakes, alarm systems and many more. However, the software which is programmed into the microcontroller is capable of solving only a limited range of problems so this makes it important to further develop the system.

Here let us talk about how embedded systems work in home security alarm systems. As with the advent of technology home security has also enhanced. People in almost all parts of the world including Melbourne use home security alarm systems to keep their house and family safe from burglar attacks and dangerous incidents. There are two types of security systems, wired and wireless, but wireless security systems are prevalent as it is easy to use.

Home security alarm systems use microcontroller and sensors which are pre-programmed such that when the parameters cross their prearranged limits, it sends a control signal to different controlling devices like motors, buzzer devices and relays. There are three basic modules in home security systems, the first being an IR transmitter and receiver module, it is used for doors. If an unauthorised person enters the home, the IR sensors sense the motion and activate the buzzer. The second module is LPG gas sensor which is used to detect the leakage of gas, this works in the same way as IR transmitter. The third module is using a password to open doors. If a person enters the wrong password three times, the data is sent to the module thus activating buzzer alarms. This is how home security alarm systems work. One-Tech Security is one such organisation in Melbourne who sells home security alarm systems, motion sensors and other alarm systems with advanced embedded software. They are easy to use and provide real-time data whenever an unauthorised entry or other disturbances are sensed so that you can take immediate action against the situation.


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