Latest Trends in Software Development

The software industry is moving forward at breakneck speed, so much so that today’s innovations are getting obsolete tomorrow. In fact, software developers are constantly on their toes, trying to keep up with the times and the latest trends in software architecture.

The scenario is further compounded by the various advancements of technology and lifestyles. An example will help illustrate this point better. The recent exponential boom in smart phones has led to the need for software that is equally compatible and user friendly on all Internet enabled devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. This makes it necessary to have websites that are easily visible across all devices and software has to be developed in keeping with this requirement. You should be as much comfortable shopping online and ordering for an engagement ring from easily from your desktop as you will be from your smart phone. Software developers have adjusted very well to this trend now.

Here are some of the latest trends in software development.

  • Cloud computing – Electronics manufacturers are focussing on cloud computing and investing heavily in developing matching software. Any electronic gadget can connect seamlessly into a cloud which allows a number of devices to access the same information and data. There are a large number of applications that can be linked to cloud computing. These include hosting blogs and websites, storing and recovering backup data, streaming audio and video and creating a host of new apps and services. It is also very cost effective for users, eliminating the need for huge investments in racks of servers and recurring maintenance costs.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) – There are countless devices, gadgets and appliances that are linked to the Internet – heating and cooling systems of your house, lighting, car engines, refrigerator and many others. Each transmits its own set of data to other devices for better monitoring and control. Most of these run on scanners and sensors with scanners requiring user action and sensors automatically collecting data for processing. Specialised software is needed to ensure that this chain runs smoothly. Software developers are today devising programs that help users have a close interaction with various devices around them, thereby enhancing life styles.
  • Wearables – The fad of wearables has today gone much beyond operating smart phones from the wrist or as fitness trackers that count your calories. Everyday life is now ruled by sensor packed shoes measuring number of steps taken or camera attached spectacles. Technology giants such as Apple and Samsung or footwear leaders like Nike and Adidas are constantly introducing unique products that require extensive use of advanced software. Software developers have to create processes that carter to this segment more so as it relies heavily on complex algorithms to function optimally.
  • Responsive software – What would you do today if you were to purchase a pink diamond ring? Pick up your smart phone of course and browse websites of the thousands of registered and certified dealers and merchants before placing an order. Google is now placing a lot of emphasis on responsive sites that are compatible across all Internet enabled devices for rankings on search results pages. It has also been seen that most users say that they find it difficult to do business with those that have poorly structured mobile sites. Software hence has to provide support to this segment and developers are increasingly catering to this aspect.

These are only a sample of the trends that are currently in vogue in software development. This is a constantly evolving and fluid field with introduction of advanced technologies being almost a routine affair.

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